At Last Boston Gets Its Macha Moment

Thirty years ago, Epstein needed a note from his mother to get back into class after a hiatus. So now I am left to wonder whether today, after eighty-one days, Ilene Epstein finally wrote her son Theo a note to get him back into the Red Sox front office.

Or if the note had been written previously, I am left to wonder why it took this long for Mr Kotter… er, Mr Lucchino… to accept the offered excuse and finally let Theo back into class to play with the other GMs.

Hmmm. Well, I guess it doesnt really matter. The bottom line is that Theo has been allowed back in class… although we dont know in which capacity he’ll serve management… and he will soon be trawling the free agent pool and exploring the trade market to identify the future shortstop and center fielder for the Red Sox.

So some measure of balance has finally returned to the Red Sox universe.

Now, if only Mrs Epstein can write a note for Johnny Damon…


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