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I am the quintessential Red Sox fan of my generation.

I became a Red Sox fan in 1967… having attended my first game at Fenway Park in May, 1967, just weeks before my sixth birthday.

Throughout the early and mid-70s I used to travel from Lawrence, MA to Boston on a bus (a Trombley Motorcoach) which would drop me off in Park Square… where I would grab the “T” to Kenmore Square… a short walk later I was at the player’s parking lot outside the ballpark. I used to go into Boston on the 8AM bus (for an afternoon game) to be sure to arrive in time to collect autographs and get a ticket. After the game, I would again make my way to the player’s parking lot in the hopes of getting autographs. Invariably I would get autographs in the morning but almost never AFTER the game. Obviously, the world was still the kind of place where a ten or eleven year old could take a bus roundtrip from Lawrence to Boston without the fear of kidnapping or abuse. My solo adventures to see the Red Sox in this manner are some of my favorite memories from my youth.

In 1986, I camped out for 5 1/2 days awaiting tickets to the playoffs / World Series. I helped organize the throngs of people in line over the five day period. Eventually, I was highlighted in articles in The Boston Globe, The Lowell Sun and The Lawrence eagle Tribune. I attended Game 7 of the ALCS and all three games of the World Series.

I camped out for regular season, playoff, World Series, All-Star Game and All-Star / HR Derby tickets from 1988 – 2003. I camped out for tickets on eighteen occasions before the current Red Sox ownership decided it was more interested in accommodating the interests of the ticket agencies and scalpers by limiting ticket sales to computer and telephone sales only… to the agency phone banks and speed dialers. Back when it was allowed, I was first in line for tickets on twelve such occassions… second in line on four other occasions… and no worse than twelfth in line on the other two occasions.

I used to be able to take a couple of vacation days and wait outside the ballpark and get tickets to eight or ten games annually… since I am a BIG guy I used to camp out the extra days to be at the front of the line in order to get box seats because, frankly, I dont physically fit into grandstand seats. I was only too happy to spend a few days on the street — freezing my fanny off — so I could spend a few days in good seats inside the ballpark. But no more…

The new Red Sox ownership has rationalized that such practices provided easy ticket access to scalpers… but this reasoning is specious as the Red Sox could have simply limited the number of tickets we could buy while waiting in line — thus making it unprofitable for scalpers. Nowadays, many (most?) tickets are purchased by profiteers who have no interest in the fans, the team or the sport — from ticket agencies in L. A. to Boston residents who are not even baseball fans but who see an opportunity to profit on the fanatacism of other fans. The Red Sox new policies have made EVERYONE potential ticket scalpers. The ownership has taken what used to be a localized problem and they have expanded it nationally to tenfold of the original degree of abuse. And the new Sox ownership just doesnt give a damn — as long as the tickets sell.

My guess is that some owners and officials of the ballclub have stock in ticket agencies — so they profit from the ticket sales more than once.

So I am not a fan of some of the ticket policies of the new ownership… and their callous disregard for the REAL fans of this team. BUT I WILL ALWAYS BE A FAN OF THE TEAM… THE PLAYERS ON THE FIELD… AND THE REAL FANS OF THIS FRANCHISE — the ones who will be here long after current ownership has sold the team and taken their profits to some other city and some other, less-worthy franchise.

IT IS TO THE PLAYERS ON THE FIELD AND TO THE REAL RED SOX FANS IN NEW ENGLAND THAT THIS SITE IS DEDICATED. It is the PLAYERS who are the team… and it is the REAL fans who are the heart and soul of the team (not the casual, bandwagon, “going-to-Fenway-is-the-cool-thing-to-do” type of fans who all-too-often obtain tickets over the internet at the expense of those of us who live and die by the team).

There is no greater team to root for in the world… and there are no greater fans in the world than REAL Red Sox fans.

About the site and its contents:

Many of my articles presented herein are original material… but in terms of disclosure, it must be stated that in putting together this site on a daily basis, I draw from a myriad of sources…

Many of the basic concepts presented herein originated elsewhere — oftentimes in multiple sources (ie, I often refer to four or five different sources for game stories… game broadcasts, post-game shows or interviews, print media, websites, news broadcasts, etc). The quotes I use are quite frequently derived from print-media sources or websites (as I am not in the locker room with the players and coaches)… and as those quotes are typically obtainable from multiple sources I am not in the habit of attributing them to a particular source… but I also obtain a significant quantity of quotes directly from post-game interviews and press conferences…

I like to place my own spin on the issues — based upon what I have witnessed, or my experiences, or what I feel should be emphasized… I do not claim that all of the materials presented herein are completely original — and I suspect that in perusing my site, most of you already know this to be true… but in fairness it must be clearly stated…

I simply present my postings as ‘my take’ on the issues that surround us here in Red Sox Nation… some of concepts presented herein will be seen elsewhere in different form and with differing opinions or emphasis… I spend lots of time perusing other sources for concepts and putting my spin on the issues or the media coverage for you — in the hopes that you will enjoy my presentation — and in the hopes that you will be satisfied to spend some of your day ‘with me’, so to speak…

I hope you enjoy the site half as much as I enjoy doing it…


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