Red Sox Offense Red Hot

It all started on Wednesday when they grounded the Indians 14-2, who had been scorching recently and it was thanks to the big game Carl Crawford put up finally.  In the first 6 innings of the game he went 4 for 4 putting up 2 doubles, 3 runs scored and 2 RBI’s.  He may even have had a bigger game but was pulled.  This is was a relief to everyone since he had been struggling in his first two months since joining Boston.  They hammered Talbot for 7 runs before the first three outs of the game could be recorded.  Lester added insult to injury going 6 innings, allowing only 3 hits, no runs and 7 strikeouts.

However, it didn’t stop there, as the Red Sox crushed the Tigers in a game that ended early due to rain.  The Sox won 14-1 in only 8 innings played destroying one of the league’s best pitchers in Scherzer.  This time, it took the Red Sox 3 innings to get to 8, after a 5 run inning in the 2nd.  Everyone at a hit, but once again Carl Crawford did the most damage with a 4 hit game, 3 RBI’s and 2 runs scored.  Alfredo Aceves, who is now 2-0 allowed only 1 run, 5 hits and had 6 strikeouts.  The umpires knew the situation when it started to rain they tried to ignore it and finish the game, but it got to a point in which they had no choice but to delay the game.  After an hour, with the scoring being what it was, they decided to end it right there.

With all of these afternoon games, and with all the success that’s coming with it for the Red Sox, maybe they should play more of these!

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